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Write a letter to your future!

Write a message to your future self or somebody else and we will send it as a physical letter when the time has come!

Write a letter
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How it works

Write a message

First, write down everything that is on your mind. We compiled a list of topics below if you want some inspiration. We included topics for writing about others as well since you can also send a letter to somebody else.

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Choose a delivery date

Decide when we should send the letter. You can choose an approximate or an exact date in the future. Be advised that we cannot guarantee a delivery on an exact date. Letters can arrive a few days before or after your chosen date.

Receive the letter

When the time has come, we will send your message as a physical letter to the provided address. The letter will contain your message on high-quality paper, framed by a minimalistic design from us.

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Don't know what to write about?

Write about yourself
You could write about...
  • 🏝
    your goals and future dreams
  • 💭
    your current thoughts and feelings
  • 🤗
    for what or whom you are grateful
  • 💪
    something you have gone through
  • 📚
    something you have learned about yourself
  • 🏆
    a recent achievement or success
  • 🤞
    something you want to do better next time
Write about somebody else
You could write about...
  • 🤗
    why you are grateful to know somebody
  • 💖
    why you love somebody
  • 👏
    how somebody has helped you
  • why you respect somebody
  • 🙏
    why you want to apologize to somebody
  • 😔
    how somebody gave you a hard time
  • 💔
    how somebody has hurt you
You can also send the letter to this person!
Simply enter the other person's address at checkout.

How we protect your privacy

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We do not peek

Your letter is for your eyes and your eyes only. We do not read your letter. Our entire process is automated so that only our machines "see" your letter before it is sealed in an envelope.
a vault

We encrypt

We encrypt your letter and personal data whenever the data is at rest and exclusively use secure protocols when it is in transit meaning that potential attackers cannot read your sensitive data, even if they get a hold of it.
a man with a package

We do not spy

We only record personal data which is required for fulfilling our service. We do not track you or sell your data. We share personal data only when it is absolutely necessary (e.g. to process your payment).

Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing?

We ask for a flat fee of 7.99€|£6.99|$8.99 for every letter you want to send. This price is not affected by the length of your letter or the country of delivery. By taking a flat fee for every letter we strive to compensate "more costly" letters (i.e. long letters to faraway places) with "less costly" letters (i.e. short letters to countries close to the UK). We hope that by using this pricing model, our service stays affordable to everybody.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We send our letters through the UK Post office, which allows us to send letters to every country on the globe. However, if you believe that your local post office is not reliable enough to deliver your letter and would like us to use a different carrier, please contact us via E-Mail and we will try to accommodate your preference.

Do you offer coupons for e.g. conferences?

Yes! If you organize an event like a conference or a workshop, please contact us via E-Mail. We will provide you with a code with which your participants can pay during checkout. Let us know when your event is over and we will send you an invoice for all letters paid with your code. You can pay the invoice using credit card, iDeal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

What if my address changes?

You can change the address of your letter through the menu "Change your address" above. You will be prompted to fill in the E-Mail address of the letter. We will then send an E-Mail with instructions on how you can change the address yourself.

How long can my letter be?

Your letter can contain up to 12,500 characters, which equates to approximately 2,000 words or around 5 pages. If you believe that this length is not sufficient, please let us know by contacting us via E-Mail or Social Media.

Who is behind this?

Letter to Yourself is built by me, Peter Ullrich, a software engineer from Germany with support by A&O Cologne who are experts on paper quality and design. If you would like to know more about me or Letter to Yourself, feel free to contact me through any of the channels mentioned below.